Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Are you working towards higher ENGAGEMENT, but nothing seems to be working? Being consistent on social media is the best way to be noticed by potential clients and others looking to network on the platform. Posting consistently and showing up on stories, reels, and IGTV in order to show your true personality that people can connect with.

These next 3 steps will not change your engagement at an all-time level, but over time by sticking with this consistent method you'll be able to grow a community that trusts you and the value you provide. When you're able to build a community, you increase your chances of securing clients and selling products.

Hashtags are a great way to reach new accounts and specific groups. There have been so many different opinions about different hashtag methods. Do hashtags in a bio matter, should you be using 30 hashtags each time, and so much more, but I will tell you my ideas. Hashtags are best used to find your ideal audience and provide them value. If you are in social media management (like me!) you may use a hashtag such as #SOCIALMEDIACONTENTDESIGN. You could use this hashtag

when posting content, but you also could use this hashtag in order to search for similar accounts that you can network with. Another way to use hashtags may be when you're looking for new clients, #NEWBUSINESSSATURDAY. You may be able to seek out new businesses that are in the market for assistance from a social media manager or someone that specializes in business strategy. In my opinion, hashtags don't seem to benefit me when adding them in the comments of a post, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you! Hashtags are something I continue to learn about so stay tuned for when I do!

Reaching out to potential customers or similar-minded people in order to network your business brings me to my next tip: Commenting and showing support on other posts, stories, and messages. This could be on an account you follow or on accounts that you don't. Commenting and showing support have the potential for building a community of like-minded individuals that share similar values.

My third and final tip, never ever post and ghost! It's important to be active rather than just posting and signing off. Showing activity may be to post a story or comment on your posts and others' posts. This is why I have mixed feelings about scheduling posts. Yes, it saves time and energy, but it also gives an opportunity for you to forget the time. I believe there's a difference between showing activity before and after posting and posting without activity.

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Until next time, Socially MAD

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